Handdrawn Testimonial Heart - Natural, Holistic Therapy Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand

“What a change I have had…”

“Over the past 30 years I have suffered from on-going pain from 3 spinal operations that went wrong. I was in pain over 90% of the time, I was only sleeping 3-4 hours per night. In all these years, I had not found anything which was of true help to me. Then I had the opportunity to work with Joy. I have never experienced anything like this on either a physical or Spiritual level. The next day I felt so different, very little pain. I did movement therapy and water therapy with Joy and felt the strength of a tiger and a lightness of being I have not felt before. These 2 therapies have shifted me so much, what a change I have had. I will be continuing with this… If you need help in improving your well-being you probably need to do this ! ”
– Dave B., Bethells, ex-chef and Surfer

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“More connected to myself…”

“My sessions with Joy are always something I look forward to and treasure, each meeting is always fresh and full of different experiences and discoveries and ways of being/working, that leaves me feeling more connected to myself and others and the world around, (freer to be and understand my ‘Self’.) (Plus they’re usually Fun!) Joy is always someone I feel fully met and supported by.”
– Robyn C., Auckland, Bowen Therapist

“Ease and spontaneity…”

“I very much enjoy the sense of free flow that I feel in a session with Joy. There is an ease and spontaneity in the work, and yet a very real sense of being held in safety. Simple changes seem to show up after a session in a natural way, effortlessly. One thing I notice that I really appreciate is how Joy makes sure I understand what she is saying within my own reference points and understanding, so that it is easy for me to take on board new ways of seeing. I would recommend Joy to anyone who is feeling stuck in their lives or needs support in looking for a way to connect more with themselves and their feelings.”
– Cathryn W., Auckland

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“This was the best dance workshop that I have ever attended. I felt afterwards that if I only end up attending one workshop then I am glad it was this one. The progression of facilitated activities prompted a deeper and deeper sense of freedom through movement. What a beautiful gift it is to give someone their own body! Thanks, Joy!”
– Darel M., Christchurch, Teacher



“Brilliant workshop…. I loved the opportunity to move my body in unfamiliar ways. Thank you, Joy.”
– Katrina T., (location?)

“The best…”

“The best thing I’ve ever done.”
– Kenny, USA

“A first…”

“The first time I’ve danced like nobody’s watching.”
– David M., Organic Farmer


“The timeless bliss of being myself. I never felt so free to express myself in my body.”
– Robin V., Christchurch, Roofing Contractor


“Joy has a considerable reputation as a ‘mentor’ and trainer in the region. In recent years she has become known as an advocate and leading exponent of Shamanist Dance in the North of England. The region will notice the loss of Joy’s energy and services, but I understand her desire as an artist to met new challenges in diverse cultural contexts.”
– Mark Mulqueen, Northern Arts Performing Arts Officer, Newcastle upon Tyne UK

“Birthing into Being…”

“Energy coming through, Birthing into Being. Being here Now, I am here!” “Don’t change a thing (about this workshop) you are awesome! MAGIC!”
– Kerry S., Healer and Acupuncturist, Auckland