Natural Dance

Life is Movement. Movement Is Change. Change Is Growth.

Energy Movement Medicine

Movement is an ancient natural remedy for releasing stress, breaking through creative blocks, and assisting the healing process. And it’s true that any kind of movement will get stuck energy flowing through your body. The best type of movement for releasing stress, exploring creativity and accelerating self-healing is movement which allows you to find your own natural rhythm, release old patterns, integrate change, and create an energetic transformation. I call this process Natural Dance.

Natural Dance has nothing to do with dance steps, rhythm or “doing it right.” Rather, Natural Dance is about exploring the way that your body wants to move right now so that you can gain an awareness of the energy that’s there, the old energy patterns that you want to release, and the new vitality that you want to embody.

Individual or group Natural Dance is a positive and powerful compliment to any type of therapy or treatments you may already be doing to release stress, unleash creativity, or heal a chronic health condition. As a result, Natural Dance is particularly helpful for:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anger Management
  • A Health Crisis
  • Creativity – Artists, Musicians, Writers, Actors, Entrepreneurs
  • Job Stress
  • Caretakers of the Seniors or Disabled
  • Parents of Autistic and ADHD Children
  • Special Needs Practitioners
  • Support for Natural Healers

How we experience life when we’re giving from a place of depletion is very different from how we express ourselves when we’re full to overflowing with an abundance of natural life force. It’s about “dancing” the life back into our lives.

Free-flowing. Expressive. Creative. Joyful. Presence. Natural Dance.

Movement is natural. Animals don’t have any problems embodying their own natural rhythms which help them solve problems, adapt to change, and self-heal. Kids instinctively want to move – we can barely stop them from their expression through movement. But as adults, we’ve stopped moving. We sit in cars, prams and buggies. Most of us have been restricted or we have restricted ourselves from movement, and our lives are showing us the negative consequences of that.

Stress, creative blocks, and illness all have energetic connections. When you consciously shift that energy and integrate something new, you literally change the trajectory of your life. Natural Dance is a natural self-healing and self-empowerment transformation.

After the transformation, there’s a sense of joy and release. In addition, creativity will ooze from your being in a light-hearted, playful way. When joyous energy flows, everything is easier.

If you’d like information about an individual Natural Dance session with me or if you’d like to organize a workshop for your group or community, contact Joy. See reviews from previous Natural Dance participants on our Testimonials page.