Co-Creative Living

Co-Creative Living cottage with beautiful New Zealand view

Holistic living is not just about what you do, it’s about how you be. Being immersed in a conscious community in natural surroundings that is aligned with holistic living can support your creativity, your health and your vitality through all possible channels – body, heart, mind, soul, and community. Co-Creative Living is a beautiful thing.

Building and being part of a conscious holistic community has been my vision ever since I drove up the driveway of the eleven acres of rolling hills, pastures, native gardens, and bush that now surround me in Bethells Beach, New Zealand. My vision for a conscious holistic community is a place where creativity, healing, sharing and caring are a natural part of everyday being.

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Natural. Soulful. Bio-dynamic. Nurturing. Supportive. Sustainable.

I envision creating a community that is not just filled with love, it is love in action. It is truly co-creative living. The qualities that will create and sustain the conscious community of my dreams are

  • Communication – A circle of communication that is about listening, honouring, equality, honesty, efficiency, and clarity.
  • Commitment – To ourselves, to each other, and to the vision of the community.
  • Co-creation – A shared reality with shared leadership and equality. Space to contribute, to grow, to explore, to enjoy, and to thrive.
  • Caring – Giving from a place of fullness to yourself, to others, and to the space.
  • Comfort– All basic needs are met – shelter, food, water, health, trust, and cuddles.
  • Clarity – Clarity of personal spaces and all spaces. Balance, breathing, movement, dance and honesty of being.
  • Conscious – Letting go of the unconscious aspects of living. Making a commitment to spiritual development. Awakening, awareness, vulnerability, honesty and integrity.
  • Contribution – Knowing who we are, what our skills are, and what our “weaknesses” are. Finding our true full place in the circle of life and in the circle of community. Fully expressing our gifts and having them received, recognized, respected and appreciated.
  • Change – Open and flexible, fluid, adaptable. Surrender to the chaos. Letting go. Tribal support. Confidence. Trust. Courage.
  • Collaboration – Coming together from a place of personal power and equality. Standing fully in our own skills and sharing with others like the Pillars of the Temple.
  • Cultivation – Seeding the future and the ongoing vision.
  • Compassion – Understanding born of personal experience. Self awareness. Acceptance.
  • Celebration – Fun, enjoyment, Ease. Flow. Laughter. Play. Creativity. Enjoying life.
  • Confidence – Comes from within and comes from being supported and supportive.
  • Courage – Self esteem supported by the group. Respect, Patience. Acceptance. Releasing judgments. Releasing attachments.
  • Congruence – Walking the talk. Honesty mechanisms set up to support an honoring place in life. Communication. Self enquiry. Vulnerability. Respect. Sharing.
  • Cooperation – Working together. Playing together. Ease. Flow. Surrender to the stream.
Experience Our Co-Creative Living Community

The conscious community that is forming in Bethells Beach, New Zealand is in the earliest formative stages. The photos on this page reveal the natural beauty, the uplifting energy, the inspiring possibilities, and the unlimited potential of what it is in the process of becoming. At this stage there is an opportunity to be part of this conscious community and co-create it with others who share the vision of what an evolved and evolving holistic community can be.


I provide consulting and coaching services for those interested in building a new community or improving an existing one. If you have been seeking a lifestyle that is in alignment with these words and photos, contact me about the possibilities.