Bodyplay and Intuitive Healing

Bodyplay and Intuitive Healing with Joy Lake in beautiful Bethells Beach, New Zealand

Bodyplay and Intuitive Healing Sessions are one-on-one sessions. Joy tailors each session to suit the individuals’ needs in the moment. Joy weaves together aspects of her diverse training with her intuitive gifts, creating her own unique modality which Joy calls Bodyplay. It is bodywork without the “work.”

It is Energy Movement Medicine that starts with the physical body. Under Joy’s guidance, it moves where it needs to go. Encouraging ease, flow and deep relaxation, we go into the realm of the body. We tap into the natural wisdom of the body.


Bodyplay stems from Joy’s journey into “Embodying Spirit.” She has 30 years’ practice in 5 RhythmsSkinner Releasing TechniqueBody Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation. Her training includes workshops and retreats around the world. Joy brings joyful embodied presence to these sessions. Her intention is always to encourage self-empowerment through self-healing awareness’s and practice.

Intuitive Healing Sessions may incorporate elements of the Human Design System, Shamanic Journeying and Practice, and Emotional Intelligence. Sessions may also include Flower Essences and Nutritional Support.

If you’d like information about a one-on-one Bodyplay and Intuitive Healing session, contact Joy.