Birth Into Being

Uplifting the Natural Childbirth Process, Releasing Old Patterns, and Healing the Scars of Birth Trama

Birth Into Being - Uplifting the Natural Child Birth Process and Healing the Scars of Birth Trauma 2

How a baby is birthed into the world informs his or her entire life.

If you’ve felt lost, lonely, and abandoned all of your life, even when you didn’t have a reason to, then you are likely experiencing the consequences of birth trauma. If you often feel disconnected, often get “stuck,” or often repeat destructive patterns, then likely it is the scars of birth trauma that are holding you back. If you feel powerless to make decisions, make changes, and make your life into what you want it to be, then side effects of birth trauma are likely affecting you. Birth Into Being addresses this birth trauma.

Birth trauma is often the root cause behind the most common challenges of mothers and their newborn babies. Babies who cry too much, sleep too little, and can’t stand to be left alone likely are doing so as a result of the trauma of their birth process. Post-partum depression, feelings of disconnection, and breast-feeding challenges for either mother or child are often caused by birth trauma.

Birth trauma is not an ethereal phenomenon fabricated by the metaphysical community as an excuse for poor life choices or bad luck. Birth trauma is real. And for those who are carrying it around, birth trauma is at the root of real challenges and sometimes really serious challenges.

Mother and Baby Goat in the field

Limbic Memories

At the scientific and medical level, the research of some well-respected professionals in the field of prenatal psychology – Dr.Thomas Verny, Dr. David Chamberlain, Dr. William Emerson – has identified direct links between a large number of physical and behavioral disorders and trauma that was experienced during birth traumas like c-section deliveries, the use of birthing instruments, and drugs/anesthesia. How could anything that happens during birth have such a profound effect on a newborn being who has no conscious memory of it?

Researchers tell us it is the limibic system of the brain that is affected by birth trauma. During gestation, birth, and early childhood, the limbic system registers all of our sensations and feelings. Those limbic “memories” then live in the body throughout the rest of our life whether we are aware of it or not. When the birthing process includes fear, struggle, pain, professional indifference, or something life-threatening, the feelings of fear, struggle, pain, rejection, and primal survival are incorrectly coded in the limbic system as “natural.” Our earliest limbic encoding creates our earliest “comfort zone.”

Throughout the rest of our life, this limbic encoding unconsciously drives us to seek out the people and circumstances that will keep us in our comfort zone, no matter how undesirable and uncomfortable that may be. As adults, we re-create the conditions that were imprinted at birth and through our early childhood over and over again. The powerlessness and self-hatred that we feel when we repeat negative patterns keeps us on the limbic carousel of struggle.

Birth Into Being is about recoding the limbic system and opening up different neural pathways in the brain that will create a new comfort zone. That comfort zone, in a trauma-free birthing process, is one of security, unconditional love, joyful expression, creativity and freedom.

The limibic brain is the gateway to our highest potential. Opening up new neural pathways in the brain opens up the possibility for new conscious choices that are supported by new unconscious impulses based on new beliefs.

Birth Into Being - Uplifting the Natural Child Birth Process and Healing the Scars of Birth Trauma

Birth Into Being

Birth Into Being is not just for pregnant women who want to improve and uplift the natural child birth process. It is for everyone who is going to be present in the birth field when the baby is born. It’s particularly good for doolahs, midwives, and birth coaches.

Birth Into Being is not just for a child that experienced birth trauma. It is also for the mother who had a shared birth trauma experience so that both can heal the trauma together.

Birth Into Being is not just about vaginal births gone awry. It is for the un-natural process of Caesarean section births which cause a different type of hormonal, physical, emotional, and psychological trauma to both mother and baby.

Birth Into Being is not a “rebirthing” class, group therapy, or exorcism. You don’t have to relive the pain, and you don’t have to experience some over-the-top dramatic cathartic event.

Birth Into Being is about redirecting the focus from the trauma to recreating new possibilities. It’s about reclaiming our birthright as creative beings who are designed for joy.

Birth Into Being is about moving into the realm of the spirit self – the soul self. And in that realm everything is possible because in that transcendent place lies the access to unlimited potential for transformation.

Birth Into Being is about finding the bliss and security that is the inherent birthright of every baby. It’s about creating a new energetic birthing experience. It’s about becoming a new being.

Joy’s Jouney

When Joy Lake was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, and in the trip out of the birth canal she went unconscious. It was an experience of feeling stuck, feeling held back, and complete disconnection. Throughout her life, feelings of disconnection, and stuckness haunted her, driving her to seek out something different, but leading her towards more of the same.

Because of the work she did to transform her own birth trauma experience, by the time Joy was giving birth to her own son, the birthing experience was an ecstatic, empowering, and joyful awakening experience. Joy’s experience with giving birth has stayed with her as the strongest imprint of her life, positively overshadowing all of the other less than wonderful previous imprints of her life.

Joy brings into the Birth Into Being experience a depth of wisdom and compassion that comes only from experiencing the full spectrum – birth trauma, limbic recoding, and an uplifted natural child birth experience with her own children. This depth of experience enriches this process for all of her clients and enhances their results.

Joy knows firsthand that giving birth can be the most fulfilling experience that a woman can have. She felt that transcendent fulfillment herself and she knows how to help other women feel it too.

A Personal Note from Joy

What’s the difference between a trauma-filled and a trauma-free birthing process? It’s the difference between enduring life and embracing life.

When I watch the video (above) of my son, I see fearlessness, self-empowerment, and full-on joy. The way he jumps out of the plane with complete trust and abandon is a visual demonstration of what a being with a strong sense of certainty about their place in the world looks like. Of course I am a completely biased mother, but watch the video and see if you can spot the self-empowerment vibe too.

If you’d like to get more information about organizing a group for a Birth Into Being workshop or to do Birth Into Being work in preparation for a natural childbirth, contact Joy.