About Joy

My Own Journey to Joy

Joy Lake dancing in fieldI love my name.

It was given to me spontaneously at the moment of birth by my mother, Doreen. It came straight from her heart. She was over-joyed. She had greatly desired a girl, yet feared her needs would not be met and only had boy’s names on her list.

My whole life has been a journey to Joy.

At times I got so caught up in everything that was seemingly the opposite to my heart’s desires, that I wanted to be called anything but Joy. It all felt too much to live up to, until I discovered the Joy of fully expressing my emotions, the Joy of allowing these e-motions (energy in motion) to move me and cleanse me and land me back on my feet with so much clarity and life force. I have discovered the Joy of letting go of judgments and expectations and attachments. I have discovered the Joy in fully accepting the perfection of all imperfection. Joy has many facets and faces. There is quiet, still joy, deep joy, tired joy, joyful sadness, magical wild ecstatic joy. I know them all. Those around me tell me that I bring Joy, that I embody my name.

Joy is my purpose and my truth.

I guide others into this place of Joy. When we are fully expressing ourselves and our purpose, when all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are in balance, then we find Joy.

I have always loved the Creative Impulse and have explored this fully – dancing, acting, writing, directing, painting, building, and healing.

In the healing space I love to find creative + innovative ways to support another’s journey. I love to guide all who come to me through the many varied territories that I have traveled myself.

I walk my talk.

Kai Mahi Ukaipo

“One who nourishes the life Force”

Joy Lake on her farm with her goats

Joy was given this name by Te Pikiora Maori Health Trust. In 1999, whilst visiting from the UK, the health trust invited her to work with this circle of Traditional Healers at Hoani Waititi Marae in Auckland and has lived in Aotearoa ever since. Joy has natural inherent skills as a Sensitive and Guide. Joy has been gifted with abilities to read people deeply and guide them into a place of greater Self Empowerment. She is a Master of Creative Self-Expression and Innovation. Joy weaves together 30 years experience in professional Theatre and Dance with her skills in Healing and Energy Movement Medicine. She is proud of her Romany Gypsy lineage. Joy traveled the world widely before making New Zealand (Aoteaora) her home.